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Need a professional web design company that you can truly rely on? Our team of experts creates unique, stunning websites improving your online presence and helping you to stay ahead of competition.
We are passionate about each project and strive to deliver results for your business, helping you reach your goals and targets. We specialise in design and development of bespoke web solutions.
Your idea combined with our expertise, the perfect combination for your online business success. Our complete web solutions are just what your business needs. Your website will be the only marketing tool you'll need.

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Main Features:

HTML Website Design

Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready

12 Months Free Website Hosting

Full Ownership Rights and Sources

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  • 2 Sub Pages
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  • Home Page
  • 4 Sub Pages
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  • Home Page
  • 6 Sub Pages
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Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly

Responsive websites are the future! They allow your site to adapt to different screen sizes which means that whatever device your web visitors are using they get the best possible view of your business or service.

People who browse while on-the-go have very different needs than those sitting at a desk. Responsive websites re-organise themselves automatically according to the device viewing them, so that the same website provides a great experience everywhere.

Included with all packages as standard:

Web design at Your Servers means a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to website creation. This means that we don’t use jargon or try to baffle you with science so whether you are looking for a new website design or updating an existing one, Your Servers will ensure you get a service that is personal, friendly and efficient.

HTML Coded Design

Our designs is validate by W3 Standards.

Fully Responsive

Our designs is adapted with every kind of device.

Design Sources

All materials are ours and no material is copyrighted.

Ownership Rights

You're fully owner of the code and we don't give the code to anyone else.